Monday, April 06, 2020
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Reflect and Share Questions One


Reflect and Share Questions on Intercession Part One

This can be a self-study or a group study. Feel free to print it out! It is designed to help you hear and apply this teaching to your life and to those you may influence.

  1. If you were to describe the people on your portion of the wall, who would they be?


  2. If you were asked to rate how you are doing interceding for others, how would you rate yourself? Good, growing, poor, nonexistent, other (Circle one and explain.)


  3. Do the following definitions of intercession help you or confuse you? Why?
    1. "Intercession is the sending of an official petition to the king to offer a complaint against an enemy's encroachment."
    2. The word "intercession" also means to stand against, or in between, or on behalf of someone else.


  4. In a Scripture search, list all the prayer promises that might be relevant to you personally. If you are in a group, share them with each other and have someone be the scribe.


  5. At the end of your "search and share," review the list and have everyone write down the passages that would be useful to their present and future intercession.


  6. How do you respond to the following statements?
    1. "Our responsibility to intercede means the promises of God we are not fully realizing may be an indication of an encroachment on our territory."
    2. "The child of God has 3,000+ promises; they are the boundary markers of God's will for our lives."


  7. Describe a time in your past, when someone else's (or a group's) intercession made a difference in your life.


  8. Do you know of anyone who has your name written on their "prayer wall"? Describe the person/people: friend, family member, other. Describe how you feel about being prayed for regularly by someone else.


  9. When you pray for government officials, how do you pray, i.e., what specific things do you pray for? (See 1 Tim. 2:1-4 for some additional ideas beyond what is stated.)


  10. For a few moments, write down the weak points you trust the Holy Spirit has on His prayer list for you. (See Rom. 8:26-27, 34.) If they are too personal for you to write down, keep a mental list. Now individually, spend some time just interceding with the Lord for those weak points.


When your time is finished, share with your group the weak points you feel comfortable revealing. Ask the other people in your group to pray for those areas and to put your name on their prayer wall. In the weeks and months ahead, keep a record of answers to prayer, individually or as a group.