Defeating Discouragement and Burnout

Spiritual Fathers who are burned out, have lost the zest for ministry; they 'go through the motions' day after day; but with little joy, and with greatly reduced capability for effective service. The sad part of this is that leaders who burn out are among our most dedicated people.

The hopeful part is that burnout can be avoided, and, if caught in time, can usually be remedied. This session is a wonderful study on how to recover from and/or prevent burnout. We will study the life of Elijah just before and after Mount Carmel. It is a model for all who desire to help people. It is also a very personal study of how God cares and ministers to a dispirited prophet, i.e., a person who has faithfully followed the Lord and is now discouraged, defeated, and maybe burned out.

Defeating Discouragement and Burnout—1 Kings 19 (Lessons from Elijah in the Desert)