If Jesus is so important, who exactly was He?

    Here are some of the options:
  1. "Jesus lived, but I don't think He did all of those miracles; I mean, that is impossible."
  2. "Jesus was a con man."
  3. "Jesus existed, but He was not the Son of God."
  4. "Jesus never claimed to be God."
  5. "Jesus was just a good man."
  6. "Jesus was one of the best men who ever lived."
  7. "Jesus was a great teacher."

Whatever the answer, it is a fact that Jesus remains the world's all-time most influential individual:

To answer the question about who Jesus is, it is important to first discuss the book that tells us His story. If one does not believe in the authority and authenticity of the Bible, then he/she could have trouble believing in its central figure.