What does it mean exactly, that the way to a relationship with God is through Jesus?

The story of Jesus centers around what happened to Him on the cross.

Everywhere you go, you see the symbol of the cross: sometimes empty, sometimes with Jesus hanging on it. People wear crosses around their necks and in their ears, and they hang them outside churches.

Have you ever stopped to think about how strange this is?

The cross was an instrument of torture and death; so it is a bit like walking around with a miniature set of gallows hanging from your ears, or a model electric chair dangling from your neck. The reason people focus on the cross, however, is because one of the most important accomplishments Jesus fulfilled was to die on a cross.

The central message of the Bible is that Jesus was crucified for us.

One last point:

We can hardly imagine how much it cost God to allow His only Son to die on the cross. But what about the cost to us in accepting His offer?