How can I follow a God who sends people to hell?

God's chief desire is that we would avoid hell. The Scriptures tell us that He sends Jesus into the world to save us from the consequences of our rebellion (hell) rather than to send us to hell (John 3:16-21).


Hell is to be separated from God and all the good He brings (that would include all good); it is the result of pushing God away from us. Jesus came into the world to bridge the gap between God and ourselves. His life, death, and resurrection brought us forgiveness and a way to come close to God.

God's final judgment on our life is not arbitrary. As judge, He brings to light our heart attitude toward Jesus. If we embrace God and follow Him, then that embrace is stronger than death. The result is heaven. If we push God away, He will not force Himself on us; He grants us our request. The consequence of that request is hell. Jesus has already done everything necessary to win us heaven. Now it's up to us. Are we going to return the embrace, or reject the offer? In the end, it's our response to that question that is on trial.