Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Part Four: Learning From God; Jonah and The Lord—Jonah 4

We have seen that the book of Jonah is in 4 movements: Chapter 1: Jonah and the Storm; Chapter 2: Jonah and the Fish; Chapter 3: Jonah and the City; Chapter 4: Jonah and the Lord.

Part Three: Speaking For God; Jonah and the City—Jonah 3

Having detoured many miles, Jonah finally is headed for the proper destination. The chauffeur of this unconventional method of transportation delivers him to the shoreline, and Jonah begins his journey to Nineveh.

Part Two: Praying to God; The Fish That Went Manning—Jonah 2

In Moby Dick, we read of the flight of Jonah from the commission God had given him: "With this sin of disobedience in him, Jonah still further flouts at God, by seeking to flee from Him. He thinks that a ship made by men will carry him into countries where God does not reign, but only the Captains of this earth. He skulks about the wharves of Joppa, seeks a ship that’s bound for Tarshish…Miserable man! Oh! most contemptible and worthy of all scorn; with slouched hat and guilty eye, skulking from his God; prowling among the shipping like a vile burglar hastening to cross the seas.

Part One: A Whale of a Tale of Fleeing From God—Jonah 1

The book of Jonah, more than any other in Scripture, has been laughed at and called ridiculous; no book has been so battered by a sea of criticism and speculation. Some have called this book the Achilles heel of the Bible. Many claim it is unreasonable, and set forth wild theories, such as: