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Why Eagleflight?

Learn how eagles reflect our spiritual journey...
With Eagle's Wings    |    Fly, Eagle, Fly

Prayer Training

In this extensive resource you will find a number of training sessions on prayer. They provide several different perspectives on the ministry of prayer. They can be used for individual study, or as a source to develop "teaching outlines" for a prayer seminar

Planting a Garden of Praise

The tongue reveals that the source of our speech is being adversely affected, while kind and truthful words indicate a good source for our speech. Critical and cursing words reveal a polluted source even though there may be some good words at the same time. Our solution will be to go to the source of the pollution, become a spiritual environmentalist, clean it up and plant a Garden of Praise in its place.

The Adjustment of Fasting

Fasting is one of the most misunderstood and least practiced spiritual disciplines. Most of us act as if the teachings on fasting are not at all important, but Jesus had a different view; He never minimized fasting.

You Can Memorize Scripture

Dawson Trotman, the founder of The Navigators, often used to say: "Predominant thought determines present action." This is the key reason that we should give ourselves to the memorization and meditation of Scripture. What we do and say is determined by the things that are most on our minds and in our hearts—Matt. 15:18-19; 12:34-37.

Time Out with God: Meditation

Meditation points the way to islands of calm in a world that moves all around us like waves of the sea. Meditation is a spiritual health habit that promise enormous benefits and blessings.

How To Spend a Day In Prayer

"I never thought a day could make such a difference," a friend said to me. "My relationship to everyone seems improved. Why don’t I do it more often?" Comments like these come from those who set aside a personal day of prayer. With so many activities—important ones—clamoring for our time, real prayer is considered more a luxury than a necessity. How much more so spending a day in prayer!

How to Spend an Hour In Prayer

How can anyone possibly pray an entire hour? Here's how to structure an hour in prayer with 12 Scripturally based aspects.

A Person, Not a Procedure

Have you ever become bored in your quiet times? Do you open your Bible and find yourself dreaming or immediately getting sleepy? Have you ever switched off your alarm, thinking, "I'd rather sleep than have a quiet time?" How can we recapture our passion for quiet times with God? We’ll look at the some key passages and creative ideas for some clues.

How to Pray Persistently

Prayer can be one of the most difficult disciplines to do consistently and persistently. For our biblical motivation, we will turn to Matthew 7:7-12. This key passage gives us a better idea of what the process of prayer entails. Each of the stages of prayer are outlined here: asking, seeking, and knocking.

Our Pattern Prayer

This is a quick overview of the Lord’s prayer. By following the pattern of the Lord's prayer, we will discover pattern prayers can help us get started when we need help, and yet they can be elaborated on as we get more experienced.

The Garden of Prayer

Our outer journey must be supported and undergirded by our inner journey. To illustrate, we’ll view one of the most stressful and stretching experiences our Lord ever experienced on this earth. (It was also a test for the disciples.) It took place in the Garden of Gethsemane. This is a primer for prayer in stretching times—Matt. 26:36-45


Here we find a personal guidebook on how to reap a harvest from the Scripture. Using very specific inductive study methods, this approach will help us to discover the meaning and application of the scripture. Don’t miss this, it is absolutely foundational to being strong in the Lord and growing into maturity.

A Worship, Prayer & Listening Experience

We will practice our journal writing by reflecting on some poignant verses.

A Spiritual Checkup

Using the 10 Commandments as our guide, we will see a method to periodically take a spiritual inventory of our lives.

Journal Writing

Journal writing is a discipline that will be invaluable in retaining the lessons God is teaching us now, as well as providing a memory bank for the ways God has ministered to us in the past. Many devout people have kept such a record of the ways God has dealt with them. Here we will learn the basics of Journal writing, how to write a psalm and how to turn life's experiences into praise.

Introduction to Spiritual Disciplines

What can we expect as we practice spiritual disciplines? In this study, we will learn some lessons from Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42. Here we will discover how to maintain Jesus as our focus and how to be rooted in Him. Mary models for us the value of practicing spiritual disciplines—spiritual health habits. As we choose to rest in Him, i.e., to be in His presence, we will see worry dissipate, our priorities get in line with our Lord’s plans for us, and our activities more focused and prioritized.

Intro: Eagle Flight to Higher Heights

Every time we see an eagle in flight, we should be reminded of the power that God has made available to us. The flight of an eagle also teaches us how essential it is that we spend time with God, and that we gain a personal and accurate view of who He is through our time with Him! The problem is, we aren't exercising our opportunities to be with Him; thus we don't know Him or His power.