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Thanks for stopping by! If this is your first visit, get to know by reading the latest posts or perusing the seminar that gave us the name. You can also search for training and resources by topic.

Why Eagleflight?

Learn how eagles reflect our spiritual journey...
With Eagle's Wings    |    Fly, Eagle, Fly

The Expository Preaching Seminar

It is essential we learn to accurately exposit the culture and the Scripture and bring the two together in applicable preaching. This seminar will focus on a number of key ingredients central to the expository process which lead to pertinent steps of implementation in people's lives.


Eagle Flight

The seminar from which this section of our web site draws its name. Subtitled, "An Inner Journey Flight to Higher Heights," the Eagle Flight seminar focuses on the crucial role of spiritual disciplines such as prayer, meditation, solitude, and fasting in our lives.


A Pastor's Seminar

This seminar is designed to be accessible to pastors at the time when those rare moments of uninterrupted availability occur. My prayer is that our Lord will use this seminar to give you deeper insight into your ministry as shepherds, and for the novice, provide a foundation for your ministry.


Restore Me

"What to Do When a Brother Sins Against You" and more teaching on wandering, forgiveness, and restoration


How to Cure or Avoid Burnout

Where does a pastor go when the ministry's own brand of stresses and emotional overload threaten to send him into that state we've dubbed "burnout?" Who can he talk to? Who will understand? Who can point the person who is charged with leading others to a source of help and rest? We hope this section on our site will be helpful to you if you're in this place.


The School of Discipleship

Upon completion of this course, the participants should be able to:

  1. Design a School of Discipleship for small or large groups, or a one-to-one discipleship ministry that will continue to multiply itself through many spiritual generations
  2. Discover how to personalize their witness
  3. Disciple a new convert and help to establish him/her in the basics of the faith
  4. Develop and grow in their knowlege of God, forgiveness, ministry, and spiritual warfare